Monday, March 9, 2015


I’ve had a thing for this guy since we were in college, and I knew he was into me too. We would exchange text messages, and we became relatively close. We would talk about relationships and even about sex.
Come graduation, we had to part ways because I was leaving for the province. I stayed there for a few years, and when I finally returned to Kuala Lumpur, I rekindled my friendship with my college friend. We got into a serious hookup, and decided to set our first meeting. We were discreet about it since we both live in small towns.
We went for a few drinks on our first date. When I got tipsy after my sixth bottle, I put my head down on the table and tried to recover. My college friend then kissed me on the back of my neck. He knew I liked it, so he helped me get up and we drove to his apartment. When we got to his room, I was lucid enough to undress while he did the same. We kissed torridly and caressed each other’s body. He sucked my nipples hard and he was really good at it!
He moved quick; next thing I knew he was eating me and I was moaning really loud. I was really tipsy so I let him lead. He knelt on the bed, and put my legs against his body while I lied down. He was pumping me really hard, and it took a while before he came. 

Our deed went on for hours. He was really sweet because he even cuddled with me after we had sex. But the naughtiest part of our sexcapade: We’re both in a relationship.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi there! I Hope you guys enjoyed reading my blog articles. Thank you for keeping in touch with me with your emails and comments both on my blog and Facebook page, I really appreciate it. There's still so much that I want to add in both pages for you guys to enjoy and help you with your sexual concerns as well. Sex is fun and it wouldn't it be more fun if we know facts about it? Girls usually fall for good looks but guys with substance turns them on a lot. So guys with my generous heart I would like to announce that my “DID YOU KNOW?” page in my blog would be soon published. I would gladly share all of the facts and trivia about sex that who would know might come in handy for you guys. I would greatly appreciate if you also would send your comments and ideas about my page. Explore and enjoy. Love lots. :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I woke up this morning giving it a time for myself what things that I haven't told you yet then suddenly it all came to me. I have never shared to you my tale of loosing my virginity. Hope you'll find it interesting and helpful as well.

My boyfriend and I lost our virginity together when we were both 15. I want to share my story with you.

I never thought when we started going out that I would lose my virginity to him. We were so young and it never even crossed my mind that I might fall in love with this guy. But I did, and looking back now, I don't think either of us really understood the love we had.

We had been going out for 4 months when we started discussing sex. We talked about our parents’ views,
contraception, what we would do if I fell pregnant and our own emotions and feelings about sex.

On 'that day', we went to the beach where we used to hang around a lot. Lying on our beach towels, the discussion turned to sex (yet again) and we decided then that we were both ready and comfortable enough with each other to take the next step (we had already been sexually active for sometime, but somehow actual 'sex' felt different).

We walked back to his house and went to his bedroom where we had showers and got into his bed where we had been making out for a while when he said,
"Do you wanna do it now?"

My heart skipped a beat and I started to panic.
"I'm not sure" I replied.

He accepted that, but I started to think 'Why not?' Everything's perfect, the way you wanted it, so what's the problem?
"Make love to me babe," I whispered, which kind of surprised him!
"Are you sure?" he said.
"Yep," I replied.

So he got out of bed, told his family we were having a private conversation and that they were to knock then wait for a reply. He shut the door and started opening his lamp.

"What are you doing?" I asked

"Condoms, no one's going to look in here!" he laughed, which made us both relax a bit.
He got one out, got back into bed and started putting it on. I lay on my back and thought. I wondered whether this was the right moment (I decided it was), whether I really wanted to do this (I decided I did), and whether I really was ready (I decided I was as ready as I would ever be). I was so uptight, I wasn't nervous because I felt so totally comfortable with him but I was just worried I guess - the way I am with anything when I do it for the first time.

He finished putting the condom on, rolled over and said,
"Are you sure you're ready?"

I took a deep breath before saying I was.
I kissed him slowly, and then gently maneuvered him on top of me and we froze in that position for a while, an unspoken gesture of 'this is our last chance to pull out'. We kissed again, then I reached down and guided him into me. I remember thinking 'what were they talking about, this isn't hurting at all', but the split second after that came 'OUCH!' Only the tip of him had been in me and when the rest followed, I felt myself ripping apart. This pain must only be rivalled by that of childbirth and I'm not trying to put anyone of having sex, what you must understand is first time sex is not painful for everyone but we didn't use lubricant, so that didn't help at all.

But oh, the pain. I have never felt anything this bad and I hope I never do again. I stopped myself from crying out, but couldn't stop a little moan escaping my lips. He stopped and asked if I wanted to stop but I thought I'm going to have to feel this sometime, it may as well be now, so I told him to keep going.

After about 5 thrusts, the pain stopped and I just felt him going in and out, in and out. I never felt anything orgasmic during sex, but the feelings were pleasant and knowing that my body was providing him with ecstasy was enough to make it good for me. I always enjoyed making love to him, even though I didn't get any physical pleasure from it myself.

It lasted about 15 minutes and during that time he was on top, then I was on top, then he was on top again. I always liked being on the bottom better, I loved feeling his weight on me and I didn't have to do anything, I could just relax and lie there and think about things.

Sex became my time to think. During those first few pain-filled moments, I almost transported myself out of my body to just above the bed so I could deal with the pain. The easiest way to explain it is being in a state of meditation. My body was taking part in the 'sex bit', but my mind could become separate and thinking of completely unrelated issues if I needed it to.

Sooner or later he started to thrust faster and faster and I felt all his muscles tense up and get tighter and tighter until he suddenly shuddered violently and pulled himself out. He got the condom off, we put our underwear on, then lay in each other’s arms exhausted.

What I remember most about it was how much we were shaking afterwards. Our hands and fingers were shaking like leaves in the wind, like they do when you are either really really cold, or really really nervous. All we wanted to do was be alone and take in what had just happened (it all seemed a bit surreal), but we were thrown back into the real world with a jolt, tea was ready and could we please come out and have something to eat.

So, that's how my first experience went. I'm sorry if anyone is offended by the graphic details but I wanted to make you feel as if you had been through it with me and to understand completely my point of view.

For months afterwards I struggled with my emotions, fought with myself inside my head about how I felt about myself and my boyfriend now we had crossed that line. Sometimes I used to hate him, hate myself, hated the people at school who never tell you enough about how sex really is, hated the movies and T.V. shows that show you sex as being wonderful and intimate. I was terribly confused but I survived and it really wasn't as bad as it sounds here written down. But what I believe now is you don't get enough information in sex education classes about how it really is and the emotions that come with sex. My aim now is to become a sex education teacher and teach teenagers the real bits, the things they do really need to know in order to have a loving, healthy, sexual experience.

Please don't go away thinking I am angry about how my first experience was or that I hate sex, because I count myself as lucky to had been with a guy who loved me and to have lost my virginity in a loving and wonderful way (even though I mightn't have described it like that). It is something I will remember and treasure forever.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

***Hugs and Kisses***

Friday, October 25, 2013

It’s payback time!

Some guys have a lot of nerve – ex boyfriends specifically. They inquire if you want to have sex with them on
the side, while they are already in a relationship with another. An ex that cheated on me was asking if I wanted to make love to him. I agreed but I told him I’d have to punish him. He didn’t care what that meant.

So I checked in at some discreet place and texted him the room number. He was surprised to see my gay friend there - I said it was a threesome and it was his punishment! I told him that before he decided, he’d get to touch me first. He drowned his face into my ample breasts, sucking on them and futilely trying to get most of them into his mouth. He licked me everywhere until I climaxed. I kept on telling him not to stop, even if his tongue was already very tired, until I climaxed again. I told him I wanted more. He fondled me, I came again. I then found myself stroking his shaft and spitting on it for lubrication, it was so hard and engorged. My canal was also so wet and I had a very strong urge to shove it in, but I said he had to be punished first.

He was probably so horny at the time, too, so he finally agreed. I told him I didn’t want to watch, and that I’d wait in the room next door. I instructed him to call me when they were done – to his relief I guess. After some time he called me up and said they were done, and that my gay friend already left as he showered. I couldn’t stop laughing after I told him that I already went home, too. He cheated and broke his promise, and I just did the same – albeit in a different manner. And if he were ever to bother me, I would let his friends know what had just transpired.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Fact: It is harder for women to get in the mood. In case you haven’t noticed, we tend to need more “warming up” than you men, both physically and mentally. And so there are some tips from yours truly on how to turn on a woman.


A lot of men tend to go straight to the “hot spots” and expect women to get turned on right away. No, we don’t work that way. Start by gently rubbing her hair while kissing or rubbing her legs. With this, you will set the mood and without looking desperate to get laid.


A bit of dirty talk will help. Some guys don’t talk at all, some talk way too much. You have to find the place in between. Remember, not all compliments are a turn-on. So mix compliments with dirty talk like: “You look so sexy when you do [insert something not-so-obvious here].” She won’t know what you’re doing, but one thing’s for sure: She likes what she’s hearing.


Don’t forget there are other places you can kiss other than her lips, lest you appear boring to her. Explore and find which spots she likes being kissed on. The usual places: her neck, ear, and inner thighs; some even like being kissed on the eyes and forehead.


No matter how intense the foreplay is, you’ve got to keep in mind: You are a human being, not a robot. It’s okay to gradually stop in the middle of foreplay to tell her how much you love her. Being in touch with a woman’s emotions is very important.

Tip No. 5 : CUDDLE UP

Do you hug her after the act, or are you always in a hurry to put your clothes back on? Do you just turn around and sleep without talking and connecting with her? Don’t.